Monday, May 9, 2011

Beach Pug

I've been wanting to take Meiby to the beach (Lake Michigan) since we brought her home almost 3 years ago. I finally found a perfect day for a hike/dunes/beach outing with the pug. She loved it.

ready for a hike!

It was a pretty cool day but I didn't think she'd be able to handle more than a mile or so. After the first little hike through the dunes to the beach she was so worked up and wheezing I figured I'd have to carry her back. However, once we got to the water she jumped right in and laid down to cool off and have a drink.

cooling off in the lake

After she was sufficiently refreshed she played around in the lake for a bit.

it moves!

We walked along the shore for a while and then had to make an even longer and steeper trek over the dune and through the woods to get back to the car. I almost didn't make it back up that dune but Meiby was a trooper. She practically dragged me up the hill. When she started breathing heavy again I tried to carry her for a bit to let her rest but she wanted none of it. I gave her a little water and she was good to go... and I think she would have been up for more!