Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let Me Out!

let me out!
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This is what Meiby does when we come home. It's so funny that I just had to make her stay in her crate for a couple minutes so that I could get a picture. I really don't think she minds being in her crate so much, she just hates when we leave and she gets so excited when we return. After I release her she proceeds to run laps around the house, run circles around us, and jump up on our legs for at least 10 minutes straight. It doesn't matter if she's been in her crate for 3 minutes or 3 hours. What adds to the hilarity is that we have hardwood floors and she slides, drifting around the living room and sometimes falling on her butt. She has no shame though, and gets right back up to finish her mini-marathon.

dance monkey

After the laps, she'll get up on the couch with us and roll around like crazy for a few minutes while we scratch her head and rub her belly. However, 15 minutes of all-out energy is about all she can handle at once so it's back to nap time for Meiby :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Friends

On our neighborhood walk with Meiby yesterday we encountered a couple of tiny Yorkies. We were on the opposite side of the street and Meiby was just sort of sniffing in their direction. Suddenly on of them got loose and ran across the street over to Meiby, yapping loudly, and tackled our baby. Keep in mind that this 2 year old Yorkie is only 4 pounds. Meiby may only be 7 months old but she's 14 pounds. Meiby freaked out, ran as far as the leash would allow, and then managed to squeeze her way out of her collar. Luckily I saw it happening. I threw my coffee down and grabbed her before she had a chance to run very far. At this point the Yorkie's owner had grabbed and re-leashed him and I got Meiby's collar back on her and comforted her for just a few seconds (I didn't pick her up though, we don't want to reinforce nervous behavior.) We ended up standing around with the dogs (and their owners) and let them check each other out. Meiby never seemed to get comfortable but she did sit down and let the other dogs sniff her. I think she'll be better next time, she just needs as much exposure to other dogs as possible. I don't blame her for getting a little scared though. Especially since I know she's afraid of squeaky stuff ;)

Meiby chews

Meiby chews
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Meiby's favorite toys tend to be things that are not meant to be toys: bottles, cups, tags, etc. The rawhide, nylabone, and sweet potato chew we gave her took some convincing but a water bottle was her first instant favorite. This is great for us because these don't cost anything. We do have to watch her carefully though because after a while, she'll start to pull off chunks of plastic and we don't want her swallowing any. She gets a little sad when we finally have to just take it away from her. Here she is chewing on a plastic cup from 7eleven. It's a fun one because it rolls around, makes noise when batted around and she can step in it to hold it down... or just put her whole head into it. I'm going to have to try to catch her doing that sometime so I can get a photo. She's so funny. Endless entertainment!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Flickr test post

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What a sweet little puppy!
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Monday, August 18, 2008

new toys!

Meiby got a new toy this weekend... her first squeaky toy. And she's terrified of the squeaking! What a weirdo! But she still loves to chew on it (she has so far not made it squeak on her own) and she especially loves the tags.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Meiby's first bath

First vet visit

We took Meiby to the vet on Tuesday to get microchipped and a check-up. We also picked up some heartworm and flea prevention meds. Our little puppy was so good at the vet. She was relaxed through the whole thing. She's very comfortable in her crate in the car too. Everyone at the vet's office was amazed at how quiet and chilled out she was. Apparently it's kind of un-pug-like. She's also been sleeping quietly all night since then. The past 2 nights she's woken up at 5am, let out a bark or two, I shush her and let her know we're still in the room, then she's quiet until my alarm goes off at 7:30!

Friday, August 8, 2008


We put Meiby's crate in our bedroom last night and it worked! She slept quietly all night after a couple minutes of wimpering. She made a little noise at 5am but I ignored her and she went back to sleep until 6:30. We're very happy about this ... we can all get a good night's sleep now! We also decided that it's just sad to have a lap dog who's not allowed on the couch so I covered the cushions with a washable blanket. Now we can cuddle with her on the couch instead of the floor. :)

Meiby likes Three Floyds

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Don't look directly into her eyes...

... you'll fall right under her cute spell.

Meiby has been getting more comfortable with us every day. She's chewing, eating, socializing and exercising normally. She's just not sleeping normally. Our adorable princess keeps us up at night crying and wakes us up at 5am. Monday night my brother stayed over on our couch so we left her out of her crate with his supervision. She was great all night! She tried to wake him up at 5:30 but he calmed her down and went back to sleep. I was shocked when my alarm went off at 8am and she hadn't woke me up yet. So last night we thought we'd try keeping her in our room all night instead of the crate. She just got way too excited and kept trying to get up on our bed, which is not allowed, and it's too high so we were afraid she'd hurt herself. So we tried putting up a baby gate to block her into the area where her crate is. This worked for an hour or so and then she figured out how to get out. I ended up sleeping on the couch so she could stay out in the living room. Obviously, this isn't going to work permanently but it was our best idea at 2:30 in the morning. She didn't wake me up until 6:30 though... resting her little chin on the cushion.

Really, what can you say to that? She's so cute, we really have to restrain ourselves sometimes.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Meiby's first weekend

It's now Sunday night and we've had Meiby for about 48 hours. Yesterday she was very quiet, didn't eat much, was generally pretty unresponsive... She was very nervous and didn't trust us yet. Today was an immense improvement. She still seems a bit nervous but is displaying much more energy, eating normally, following me around everywhere. She's such a good puppy. She hasn't chewed anything, hasn't gotten into anything she shouldn't, doesn't bark much. And she just constantly sweet and cute. We just love her to bits! I think I'm going to have to go to bed soon here though (well before I usually do) because someone likes to wake me up at 5am. We're going to have to work on that ;)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

It's a Meiby!

We drove up to see her on Friday after I got off work.

We met her family:

We met Happy/Meiby:

We brought her home:

We called her Meiby:

She's just the sweetest!