Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Friends

On our neighborhood walk with Meiby yesterday we encountered a couple of tiny Yorkies. We were on the opposite side of the street and Meiby was just sort of sniffing in their direction. Suddenly on of them got loose and ran across the street over to Meiby, yapping loudly, and tackled our baby. Keep in mind that this 2 year old Yorkie is only 4 pounds. Meiby may only be 7 months old but she's 14 pounds. Meiby freaked out, ran as far as the leash would allow, and then managed to squeeze her way out of her collar. Luckily I saw it happening. I threw my coffee down and grabbed her before she had a chance to run very far. At this point the Yorkie's owner had grabbed and re-leashed him and I got Meiby's collar back on her and comforted her for just a few seconds (I didn't pick her up though, we don't want to reinforce nervous behavior.) We ended up standing around with the dogs (and their owners) and let them check each other out. Meiby never seemed to get comfortable but she did sit down and let the other dogs sniff her. I think she'll be better next time, she just needs as much exposure to other dogs as possible. I don't blame her for getting a little scared though. Especially since I know she's afraid of squeaky stuff ;)

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