Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let Me Out!

let me out!
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This is what Meiby does when we come home. It's so funny that I just had to make her stay in her crate for a couple minutes so that I could get a picture. I really don't think she minds being in her crate so much, she just hates when we leave and she gets so excited when we return. After I release her she proceeds to run laps around the house, run circles around us, and jump up on our legs for at least 10 minutes straight. It doesn't matter if she's been in her crate for 3 minutes or 3 hours. What adds to the hilarity is that we have hardwood floors and she slides, drifting around the living room and sometimes falling on her butt. She has no shame though, and gets right back up to finish her mini-marathon.

dance monkey

After the laps, she'll get up on the couch with us and roll around like crazy for a few minutes while we scratch her head and rub her belly. However, 15 minutes of all-out energy is about all she can handle at once so it's back to nap time for Meiby :)

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