Thursday, July 16, 2009

squash flowers!

squash flowers

This is the first year I've ever planted/gardened at all and I think my main problem so far is over-seeding. For some reason I had very little faith in the tiny little flecks and figured if I planted a bunch, maybe I'd get a few sprouts. Turns out most of them sprouted and now my pots are way over planted. I had planted squash and brussels sprouts in the same pot and they both had tons of sprouts. If you've ever seen a brussels sprouts plant, you'd know that just one can fill up one pot. I had several plus several squash plants and I knew I'd have to re-pot or I'd lose some. Well, I never got around to re-potting and I lost the brussels sprouts. That's ok though because I have squash flowers! It's the first sign from everything I planted that I might actually get some veggies this year! Plus, next year I'll have a slightly better idea of what I'm doing :)

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