Friday, August 7, 2009

sick again

rough day at the vet

Poor Meiby! I'm still not sure exactly why but starting Tuesday night she started regurgitating her meals. We weren't too worried at first because it's happened before but we kept an eye on her Wednesday and she continued to puke everything she ate. I looked around and checked all of her toys for missing chunks to see if maybe she ate something she shouldn't have. I found nothing.

So Thursday morning Nick took her to the vet, they took x-rays and didn't find anything. They gave her a shot to prevent vomiting and told us not to give her any food or water until Friday afternoon. Starting today at lunch we have to feed her only rice and cottage cheese for a week and then we'll probably switch her to a different food. We're not sure if she developed an allergy to her food or what. (BTW, we were feeding her Nutro Naturals Lamb and Rice which is apparently not great quality.)

Anyway, we feel so bad for poor Meiby. She's been extra sweet and we still can't give her any food. She seems very tired (see photo above) and confused (um, excuse me, what happened to dinner? Did I miss it?)


JewelzyBug said...

Poor Meiby!!! Jewels and I hope she gets better soon!!!

Mica said...

Oh, poor little Meiby! She looks so pooped. What a trooper! I hope she feels better soon!

Amy said...

She got her first small meal of rice and cottage cheese a little bit ago. Still very quiet and sleepy but she's kept it down so far.

Jim said...

get well soon meiby

Melissa and Emmitt said...

oh poor sweetie!
i am thinking of you and meiby!
i hope she is feeling much better!
i will come back later and check in.
big hugs!
m & e