Tuesday, November 3, 2009

nares surgery

Yesterday Meiby had her nostrils widened to help her breathe... called laser nares surgery. Basically they use a laser to shave off the inside of her nostrils. She did very well with the surgery. It went quickly and smoothly and actually cost us way less than they had estimated. The inside of her nose (which is now quite exposed) is still very pink and swollen. It should heal within a few days and the pinkness should return to it's normal black color. She looks pretty funny (not that she didn't always) and is making funny noises as she gets used to her new nose and deals with the sensitivity.

This is before:

and after:

you can see a bit of pink when you look at her straight on but her deep fold puts her nose in shadows most of the time anyway so you wouldn't notice with a quick glance. I'll post a photo of the healed view in a few days (or however long it takes to heal.)


Mica said...

Aww, poor Meiby with pink nostrils! I'm crossing my fingers for her speedy recovery and acclimation to her new(er) nose!

Brill said...

Oh my gosh! Feel better soon Meiby!
x Just imagine the improvement on sniffing you'll have once yr nose is all healed!

dw said...

I've never heard of that type of surgery before! I hope it heals quickly and that it really makes a difference for her!