Wednesday, January 20, 2010

cabin fever

Meiby has been so bored lately since it's too cold to spend much time outside. The other day I was sitting on the couch with my laptop and Meiby proceeded to get all 7 of her stuffed animals out, one by one, and spread them across the couch. She'd get one out, play with it for 10 minutes or so, then go get another one. I'd play fetch with her sporadically but she just didn't seem satisfied with any of her toys.

So I took her for a little night time romp in the snow :)


dw said...

Awww, all those toys and nothing to play with....a romp in the snow was a great idea!

Brill said...

what's a pug to do huh?
The picture reminds me of a TV programme they had on here about dogs- one dog could recognise 350 different commands !