Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pugs and Babies

This weekend I babysat a friend's 6 and 1 year old boys at my house. Meiby has not really ever been around small children and it was... interesting. Basically she thought the baby was a puppy and kept trying to play with him as if he was, pouncing and barking like a crazy pug. Luckily the baby was not upset by this at all. He loves dogs and wanted to play but Meiby was a bit too quick for him. Meiby's favorite part of the evening, of course, was feeding time! It's definitely good to have a dog around when you've got kids. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of this because I was busy trying to keep everyone calm. hehehe...
...but here she is hanging out in the new backyard with me and my plants this weekend.



Mica said...

Aww, Meiby looks like such a happy summer pug! I heard that they are great with kids. I'm pretty sure Bodger would try to eat a child's face off.

oboe.chick said...

You have such a cute pug! We have two pugs at our house, two fawn colored pugs. If you are ever interested, please check out my potbelly pigs blog at:



I am following your blog!

Vivian said...

Kids love pugs! Henry used to chase Bucky around the kitchen and giggle like crazy. Once we had a playdate at our house, Bucky picked up one of the kiddie toys and ran around the house with it in his mouth. Both kids grabbed a similar toy and ran around after him. That was enough entertainment for everyone!