Monday, July 21, 2008

We're expecting!

... to be puppy parents! After several years of wanting a pet but being restricted by landlords and law school, we'll finally be able to get a puppy (after Nick takes the Bar Exam next week.) We decided to get a Pug puppy and I've been in contact with several breeders to find the right pup for us. Here is one that has a possibility of being ours:

We bought some books this weekend to help prepare us for our furry child: Pugs, Pugs for Dummies, and The Power of Positive Dog Training. We plan on taking her to obedience classes and are going to try to train her at home. We're very excited in case you couldn't tell. I'm starting this blog with the intentions of documenting our puppy's progress, life, cuteness, etc. I know this has been done many times before but each puppy blog I've found has been helpful in a different way so I hope this one can help someone as well. Until the puppy arrives I'll keep posting updates about our preparation and search...

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