Sunday, October 5, 2008

Doxie Friends!

meiby and friends
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This weekend we took Meiby over to Nick's friends house where 2 cute one-year-old Dachshunds, Annabelle and Fozzy, live. We introduced them in the huge yard and let them sniff each other on short leashes for a bit. When it looked like everyone was getting along OK we let them run around the yard. We've never seen Meiby run so fast. She chased, tackled and played with them like they'd been friends forever. Later, Annabelle asserted her authority and barked to show Meiby who the top dog was. Meiby was a little freaked out but she got over it and got some good experience hanging with other dogs. Being an "only child" at our house, she never has to share anything or fight over food. It was good to see her deal with it and learn to fit in with the other dogs. She did so much running around with them though, she's just exhausted today! We'll have to visit them again soon!
Meiby gets acquainted
Meiby meets Annabelle
Meiby tackles Fozzy
new friends
meiby and friends

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