Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh, Pug...

Every time we think we have Meiby on a good, regular schedule, she goes and throws us off again. For a while she'd poop in the morning and again after dinner. Then she started going at lunch and before bed (so I'd be waiting outside forever in the morning while she just nibbles at the grass.) She loves to poop in the house. The longest no-poop-in-the-house streak we've had, ever, is a whole week. The we start thinking she gets it and then she turns around and does it again.

However, she NEVER pees in the house... until yesterday. I got home from work, let her run around for a bit, gave her dinner and was putting things away and getting ready to take her outside. Next thing I know, I look up and she's PEEING on the COUCH! WTF! Since I caught her in the act, I scolded her and took her outside immediately. The couple times she has peed in the house before (the first week when she didn't know what was going on) she always finds a towel or something like that to pee on so we now keep all towels and clothes off the floor. Since there was nothing on the floor to pee on, she decided that the blanket that covers the couch was a good place to pee. Unfortunately, it leeked right through to the couch. I was disappointed in her but we cleaned it up and moved on.

And then later that night, I was putting fresh flannel sheets on the bed (it's getting cold!) and she peed right on the dirty sheets I'd just taken off the bed. Twice in one day! Am I failing to read her signals or is she just getting lazy? At least it was the dirty sheets though. I would have been so mad if she peed on my brand new clean sheets! What goes on in that head of yours, Meiby?


How do you train your dog not to use the house as a toilet?

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Liss said...

To answer your question consistency. It does take time, I've learned that it really takes time for you to learn to read your dog rather than your dog to learn. I take out Herbie and Ricky 4 times a day. Once in the morning, betweeen 7 a.m. and 8 a.m., when I come home from work, after they eat dinner, and before I go to sleep. This seems to have worked.