Friday, May 8, 2009

Pug School: Week 1

went pretty well (except the trainee teacher didn't show up... hmmm). Meiby was very excited and ran around jumping up on the people with food. I worked with her on trying to get her to sit and look at me and not the treat. The big thing we'll be trying to do with her is to get her to come with no treat. Right now she'll just look at me and tilt her head listening for her favorite words... which is cute, but not what I want. They got out a big tunnel at the end of class and Meiby was all over it, running back and forth through it and stealing all the treats. I had to restrain her so the other dogs could try it. hehehe

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Brill said...

Oh, I'd love to take Pepe to an Obedience class... we got a flyer for one that's supposed to be near us, but it just has a mobile phone number on- no address or website/ I'd much rather be able to look them up first and see any reviews or comments than have to turn up (and presumably pay?) and then find out that it's not 'right' for us