Friday, June 12, 2009

sick puggy

sweet sleepy pug

Poor Meiby... this past weekend we noticed she was urinating very often and there were spots of blood on the puppy pad so we took her to the vet. Turns out she has a terrible bladder infection and a mild ear infection to go along with it. It's not getting her down though. You wouldn't even know she was sick if she wasn't peeing every 5 minutes. So we are giving her some ear drops twice a day and antibiotic pills with each meal. She's a pro though. So far we haven't even had to hide the pills in anything. We just give them to her right before she gets her food (when she's starving) and she gulps it right down! We are not sure what the culprit is but we suspect it might be our hard water. We'll be giving her filtered water from now on!


Manda Girl said...

Awe- I hope she is feeling better soon!! We started giving the girls bottled water and also add 1/2 tbsp of Ricotta cheese to MeiMei's food because she was getting urinary infections.

Melissa and Emmitt said...

ohhhh! poor meiby!
i am so glad she is feeling better. those meds will get rid of the infections in no time.
she is a strong & sweet puggy!

Brill said...

Hej Meiby I hope you are feeling better! Jesse James had urine trouble not too long ago himself, we've switched him over onto (smelly) wet cat food now to help him get more moisture into his system. He also had no probs in eating the antibiotic tablets he got from the vets !

Vivian said...

So sorry to hear Meiby was sick. Hope she's back to her old self by now. Our dogs always have had filtered water. Good for her on taking the pills so willingly, it really makes everyone's life easier.