Tuesday, September 29, 2009

getting colder

This weekend we bathed our pug. If you've ever bathed a pug you'll know that they don't dry quickly. We usually towel her off as much as possible and then let her run around or roll around on a towel until she's dry. This time, after the running and rolling, she was still a bit damp and she curled up on my lap and shivered, poor puppy! So I wrapped her up in a towel and cuddled for a while, and then I thought, it's fall... maybe it's time to get out her sweater! So she's been rocking the sweater ever since and we are constantly amused by the cuteness. She kind of waddles around when she wears it and when she curls up on the couch she looks like a caterpillar peeking out of a cocoon.

Meiby in her sweater
Meiby in her sweater


dw said...

You are styling!!!

John and Regina Zdravich said...

Amy -- I saw that you joined my blog a while back, so I (finally) checked yours out. Love the dog!! With your interest in design and your creative streak, I think you would like my friend's website and blog. She doesn't blog very often, but she has a lot of photos on her website. Her name is Debby and she makes the most beautiful quilts. I have her blog and website posted at my blog....you should check her out.

Brill said...

Lovin the sweater Meiby ! Pepe needs a new coat, she's outgrown her old one... or maybe I could try to knit / crochet her one myself ?

Don't you try using a hairdryer on her? The reason we don't on Pepe is because ...I don't own a hairdryer !

Amy said...

I've heard too many horror stories about pugs overheating after being blow-dried so we haven't tried that. It wouldn't be too hard to make pepe a sweater... there are tons of patterns on ravelry.com