Tuesday, September 8, 2009

who needs a Meiby fix?

some Meiby photos:

We had a little relapse back into Meiby's mysterious issue last week so she's now on a strict prescription diet. So far so good but we're still not really sure what's wrong with her. She's lost a lot of weight through all of this but she seems just as energetic and happy as ever. The vet seems to think it's allergies so the new food is as hypo-allergenic as it gets and we'll keep her on it for at least 6 weeks with absolutely no other food or treats. That means no carrots :(


Vivian said...

Food allergy can be such a pain. Our Westie used to have a special diet of venison and potato based kibbles. Now I cook for my dogs, very simple rice, chicken and veggie meals. They love it.

Meiby has grown a lot! She's quite a young lady now.

Mica said...

Ahh, I needed a Meiby fix. Thanks!

Sorry about the supposed food allergy. Poor little Meiby, no carrots!

Amy said...

People always tell me how she looks so much bigger since we first got her. I don't see it. Probably because I see her every day but she actually weighs less now than she did then (at 7 months old)... must be something to it though, I just have mommy goggles :)

Amrita said...

Oh reminds me of my Zeus - our lab pup! He has turned 5 months and everyone says he has grown big though I don't see it myself - guess like you said, it's because I see him everyday, every minute!! :) Poor Meiby, food allergies can be very bad...