Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meiby has a Licking Problem



Mica said...

Bodger does this too! He licks everything! His paws, our legs, the floor, his own face! Ahhh, the leg-licking is particularly irritating, especially since he has stinky breath.

P.S. All your crafty crochet-ing has inspired me to get back into knitting!

Amy said...

yea, Meiby licks the floor constantly... and everything else too. So weird. And you should knit and/or learn to crochet :) I've just recently taught myself to knit. If you haven't seen it already I write about it at StrandOverFist and there are tons of places online to help too.

Paula said...
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Aimee Dars said...

Walter does it, too! It's very weird and sometimes annoying.

(P.S. We found you through Ravelry's Pug Lover Group)