Thursday, August 26, 2010

Strange Dreams

How do I know I've got crochet on the brain?

The other night Meiby had been keyed up all day. Barking at every little noise (not usual for her) so this continued into the night. She sleeps in our bed so every time she thought she heard something she'd get up and bark and wake us up. I tried cuddling her in a way that would keep her calm - which surprisingly worked(!) - but then she got so relaxed that she was snoring extra loud and keeping me awake that way instead.

So I was carefully trying to wake her up enough to get her to stop snoring without startling her into barking. And since I was stuck in that dreamy between-sleep-and-awake state during this delicate process, I was dreaming of some way to crochet something (like a sling or something, I don't know) that would hold her in a position to keep her from snoring but would comfort her enough to keep her asleep so that I could sleep. Of course this would never work (haha) but it struck me as funny when I thought about the dream later.

As a side note, she's been sleeping better since then. Her allergies have been so bad this summer despite the daily Benedryl so we switched her to Claritin and we'll see how that goes. Yea, she's a princess.

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