Friday, September 19, 2008

Crocheted Sweater

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I may not have mentioned it here yet but I crochet things from time to time. I thought I'd experiment with making Meiby a sweater with some chunky yarn I had laying around. This pattern that I found on Ravelry (if you're a knitter/crocheter and not a member, you should be) seemed easy enough so I tried it out, testing it out on Meiby as I went along. She was definitely annoyed that I kept disrupting her sleep, putting on and taking off the sweater to make sure it would fit. But it's so cute on her. Now that I know how it works I'm going to get some pretty yarn and make her more sweaters she can wear this winter. Do you think she likes it? ;)



I hate this sweater

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vahnee said...

Wow, Meiby is so CUTE! Glad the pattern worked out for you! :-)