Monday, September 22, 2008


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If you have a pug, you know that they shed quite a bit. I heard lots of recommendations for the FURminator to minimize shedding so we picked one up. I try to use it on Meiby at least once a week if not more. You can see the pile of fur that I pulled off of her this weekend. There could have been more too but she'll only sit still for so long. This is also after regular "FURmination"... there's a lot more hair the first time. Anyway, it does help a bit. She still sheds everywhere but as long as I vacuum once a week it's not too bad. I do recommend the FURminator but I haven't really tried anything else so I can't say if there's a better alternative. Either way, regular pug brushing is a good idea to reduce the fur bunnies from collecting around the house!


Beretta said...

Ya know...if you get enough of that hair, you could just crochet another pug...

Justin said...

Her fur looks so nice afterward.