Thursday, March 19, 2009

Free Range

Back around Xmas time I mentioned that we were experimenting with leaving Meiby loose while we're gone and she was causing trouble. Well, she was "grounded" for a couple weeks but since then she's been a well-behaved free range pug. I can't even remember the last time we kenneled her upon leaving. As long as we make sure the bedroom doors are closed and there's a fresh puppy pad on the floor, she's a perfect pug-angel ... even over long periods of time. We still crate her at night though. She likes to be in the bedroom with us at night but we just can't have her licking our bedding all night and don't want to risk having her "soil" the bed or the carpet... so she sleeps, rather happily I might add, in her well padded crate at the foot of our bed. She gets a little treat when I put her in there and has a bowl of water and sometimes a toy to curl up with. When we wake up in the morning she's sitting up staring at us waiting for breakfast, sometimes whining a little (or a lot), but she sleeps quietly all night. Now we just need to work on retraining her to go pee outside. The puppy pads were wonderful this winter and if we take one with us somewhere she knows to use it. However, it's getting nice out again and she needs to start going outside again :)

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Vivian said...

Great job Meiby for earning your freedom! It took us years to let the dogs go "free range", even now they are gated downstairs when we leave the house.