Monday, March 2, 2009

Fun with "Aunt" Missy

We took Meiby to my parents house yesterday and she had lots of fun running around and stirring up trouble. She has met their dog Missy a few times and they are now starting to really interact. (We policed them a lot the first few times, just in case they didn't get along. We didn't want anyone to get hurt.) Meiby loves my parents house because there is lots of room to run! She attacked Missy's toys, tried to provoke the cat and played lots of "chase me" with Missy.

All 3

Then she got tired and made herself at home on the coffee table...
laying on the coffee table
Happy pug

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Jim said...

your pug is so cute. i have a pug as well. she is fawn colored and 11 yrs old.