Monday, December 22, 2008

Orange... bread?

This weekend I wanted to make some cookies. My husband and I decided that sugar cookies sounded good and I remembered these lime sugar cookies being excellent. I had a bunch of oranges, but no limes so I thought I'd try it with oranges. But before I started, I decided to look through a magazine of holiday cookies that I had picked up last year.
Orange Cookies
I found a recipe for Orange Cookies that was pretty simple and I had everything I needed for it. The process seemed strange from the beginning. The dough was thin and sticky. I ended up with this (after tasting a couple of course):
It was one big fluffy, cakey cookie. So I poured the rest of the "dough" into a baking pan and it became Orange Sweet Bread:
It tasted good but the texture was strange... almost like cornbread. I won't make it again but luckily my husband likes it so it's getting eaten. I'm sticking to my well-known recipe next time.

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