Thursday, December 4, 2008

So Cold!

It was barely 16 degrees outside this morning with a fresh coat of ice and snow. Poor Meiby peed immediately but after a few minutes outside she started getting so cold that she laid down in the snow to keep her little princess paws out of the snow. I took her inside after a while and let her warm up while I got ready for work. Then I took her out again and she did the same thing, refused to poop. Nick got her to do it later but it got us thinking about alternatives. I've heard of people having litter-trained their pugs. I think Meiby could get it without much trouble because she already looks for an absorbent spot in the house (like a towel) whenever she does happen to pee or poop in the house. Yea, we might be supporting her wuss behavior but this might also be a good solution for whenever Nick finds a full time outside-the-house job (he's home all day with her for now). Obviously pugs are not cats and won't cover their business with litter when finished and I'm not sure Meiby wouldn't try to eat the litter... I was thinking more along the lines of washable junk towels in a tray (or even newspaper) that would be cleaned up as soon as possible after her use. I'm back and forth on the idea of teaching her that it's ever OK to pee/poop in the house but I have a feeling that she's going to do it on occasion anyway. I think it might be more important to stress to her that it's never OK to pee on the carpet!

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