Thursday, February 26, 2009

Beer Bread

The last time I made beer bread it came out with the consistency of a wet brick. It was extremely heavy and dense but squishy in the middle. Not good. So this time I thought I'd try this whole wheat beer bread recipe. It was much better, though still not the best beer bread I've had. I added a bunch of spices to it (pepper, chili powder, garlic salt) and sprinkled cheese on the top during the last 20 min of baking (thereby making it not vegan anymore... but you could use fake cheese too I would imagine.)

beer bread

I used a bottle of Red Stripe which is maybe not the best beer bread beer but it's all we had. It turned out a bit dry and crumbly but went really well with the chili I made for dinner. I think it might be better with half white flour, half wheat...

Tonight I'm making Lentil Veggie "Meat"loaf so watch for a post about that...

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Chef Tom said...

Make Sure You Eat Pizza with the Pizza Beer!!

By the way... It's our home brew recipe and Sprecher only brewed and bottled to our specs!!!

The beer bread & Pizza Crusts were such a good idea that we bagged 'em up last October & sell them in grocery stores & select Liquor Stores