Monday, February 23, 2009

Sweater Crazy

Ever since I finished that first sweater I've been kinda sweater crazy. After xmas I had decided that I needed to use up a large portion of my yarn stash before I was allowed to buy any more. I ended up using most of it on my "6 Point Stash-ghan" and promptly proceeded to replenish my yarn stash. So, with all this new yarn, I've been crocheting like MAD for the past couple weeks. I made a cotton market bag, the previously mentioned sweater, and I started a scarf and 2 more sweaters!

The first one uses a self-striping bulky yarn and I started it at least 4 times before settling on a pattern. I also ripped out the bottom part and redid it since this photo was taken. I'm still not sure about it though. I love the way the yoke is constructed but I'm not sure what to do at the torso.

The second one uses a very thin yarn and this pattern. The top turned out nicely but it ended up way too big once I got past the sleeve part. (Once again, this photo is already outdated.) I ended up decreasing a lot under the bust so it looks shirred. I like the way it looks but I wish it was just a bit stretchier. I guess I need to learn to knit for that.

Both of these patterns are worked top-down and seamlessly which I love. I just hate seaming and will pass up almost any pattern that involves much of it. The second sweater is actually worked in a spiral which makes me love it even more. No joining!

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